Eco-Friendly Bamboo Diapers and Wipes - Cutie Pea Reviews

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We love Cutie Pea!

After trying several bamboo diapers and not liking any of them, I finally found the diapers for us!! Cutie Pea diapers fit great and finally there's no leaking. The wipes are my absolute favorite, and you can't put a price on the great feeling of knowing you're using safe products. I will be a regular customer for the diapers and wipes moving forward!

LOVE these diapers! And wipes

These diapers fit my 17lb baby perfectly. They don’t irritate his skin (like other bamboo diapers have), and they are incredibly soft. They make it through night time without a single leak, which is a first for all of the bamboo diapers I have tried. The wipes are super soft and textured and work great. I couldn’t have better things to say about this brand. AND the price is better than almost all other bamboo diapers!

LOVE these wipes!

These wipes are just as textured as other wipes but are so much better for the environment. They are the only wipes we use now!

Better than expected

Run big but very absorbant! Excellent!

Slow Shipping

I still have not received this order. The shipping is very slow. Please look into distribution options on the east coast to speed up delivery.

My favorite diapers ever! They are so durable, absorbent and clean. Truly love this brand of diapers and what they stand for : ) So grateful!

Love them!

I feel good about using these diapers!

We love those at my daycare. So happy to find more eco friendly diapers for my program.

The BEST Diapers!!

Absolutely love these diapers! They are absorbent, chemical free and pure fabulousness!!

The Best

Love Cutie Pea Diapers. Daughter stays dry and no more rashes.

efficient wipes

good wipes, thin and efficient, not flimsy. dispenser is good.

Pros and cons

I loved that these diapers were so soft! I also was very interested in finding real eco-friendly diapers. Cutie Pea was such a good find. However... They run a bit big on my little one and they tend to leak almost every time. So maybe on a baby they fit better they would be a win but for us they just aren't the best fit.

Great diapers

I'm loving these diapers so far. I purchased 1 pack to start and just ordered 3 more. They are very soft and absorbent. I haven't had any night time leaks which were pretty frequent with the brand I was using before. I also love the ingredients!! My only complaint is the sizing. They are very long, which I like, but the seem skinny width wise. My daughter is tall and skinny and weighs 21lbs so technically she could fit in the size 2 but I got size 3. During the day, when she is moving around a lot, sometimes the sides gets pulled in, or one of her butt cheeks ends up being exposed because they arnt very wide. The tabs sometimes stick to themselves when I'm trying to put the diaper on and I usually have to fight to open a tab but it's not that big of a deal. Overall i really so love them and will continue to purchase.

I don’t use them enough but I love them

I wish I could receive them less often since we cloth diaper at home but the product is great for traveling!

Luxury diapers 😍

So absorbent! Like... I have to change my baby’s diaper considerably less during the day. The diapers themselves are more expensive but I see myself saving money bc the quality of the diapers is so great. They are also environmentally more reaponsible, wheat, gluten, and corn free!!

Monthly Diaper & Wipes Subscription - 3 Packs of Diapers, 3 Packs of Wipes

Love them!!!

I Absolutely love these wipes. They were gentle on my baby's butt, and she has not had a diaper rash since I got them.

Absolutely love these diapers

I’ve tried A LOT of “clean/natural” brand diapers, including some of the big name brands, and these are 100% my favorites. They’re so soft and thin, amazingly absorbent, fit wonderfully, and are perfect for LO’s delicate skin. I’ll never go back to another disposable brand diaper.

Excellent quality

They fit great and don’t leak at all. They’re also super soft and gentle unlike other brands that have tons of chemicals and overbearing scents. Will be buying again.

So happy I found these

5 stars. Super absorbent - no leaks. Cost effective and awesome!

Love it!!!

I absolutely love these diapers and wipes. Since using them on my daughter her rash went away immediately. They are so soft and absorbent. I will definitely be getting these again.

Best Diapers Ever

Cutie Pea diapers are the best we've tried. They're super soft yet very absorbent. They are made of safe materials and are gentle for my little girl. Plus they're biodegradable - it's a no-brainer to use them.

love them

they are awesome and eco friendly